Discover the Source

The Discover the Source program is a canoeing experience for area youth that emphasizes the importance of the “source” of Barton Springs. Discover the Source is a day trip that typically lasts from 9 am until 4 pm and includes: a canoe lesson, paddling on the river, a picnic lunch at Barton Creek, swimming and snorkeling in Barton Springs pool, discussion of the importance of the sources of the Edward’s Aquifer, Barton Springs pool, Barton Creek, Lady Bird Lake, and much, much more. The day ends with a wrap-up lesson on what the take-out entails, how to pack and haul equipment, and how to work as a team.

Discover the Source lessons include:

    • Trip planning – safety, weather, equipment
    • Trail etiquette
    • River safety
    • Packing food

  • Canoe skills – a lesson on the different parts of the canoe and how to maneuver a canoe on the water
  • Eating on the river
  • Snorkeling and swimming in Barton Springs pool
  • Splash Exhibit at Barton Springs (an exhibit about the Edward’s Aquifer and the source of the water)
  • Take-out – an explanation on how to take-out at a dock or on a river bank
  • Pack and haul equipment



Check out Pam LeBlanc’s June 2011 article in the Austin American Statesman about the Discover the Source Trip

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