Texas River School

Keeping Our Kids and Rivers Healthy!

Texas River School uses our Rivers as classrooms to teach and reinforce traditional academic subjects; introduce important personal growth initiatives such as leadership, self discipline and civic responsibility; and foster a life long connection to and affection for Texas waterways.

Our History

Texas River School has a long history and solid reputation in working to “Keep our kids and rivers healthy.” The Chautauqua Foundation, Inc., serves as the parent organization to Texas River School and was formed in 1992 by Joe Kendall with the intention of combining outdoor education, swimming, canoeing skills together with healthy nutritional reinforcement. We continually pursue partnering with organizations and schools to promote our vision, and by doing so have taken more than 4,000 area youth on the river – canoeing, snorkeling, swimming, camping, and much more. Most of our students are under-served youth who have never been canoeing on the river before. They are often our best campers and gain the most from their experience. Many of our young campers  exclaim that their day on the river with us was their favorite field trip ever.

Our Purpose

Texas River School is organized to promote and provide awareness and education about surface and ground water resources, and their preservation, conservation, and protection. We achieve these goals by:

  • Establishing, developing programming for and operation classes, camps and similar educational programs for youth which focus on rivers, aquifers, conservation, and water activities.
  • Establishing, developing programming for and operating programs for education, recreation, outreach and related activities for the general public related to water resources.
  • Establishing, financing and operating facilities, both free and for fee, for members, youth and the general public in support of this programming.