KNOT Love – a simple guide

Have you ever looked up different types of knots? Wow. Mind boggling. I am going to attempt to narrow down the types of knows that we use for paddling and canoeing, and for loading our gear. I would love to have a knot tying exercise sometime with our campers too. Which do you use?

Categories and Knots according to

Loops – Favorite: the Running Bowline or Slip Knot.

better_bow_knot_icon.jpg Better Bow Knot A more secure shoelace knot. bowline_icon.png Bowline Forms a secure loop.
bow_bight_icon.png Bowline On A Bight Forms a loop in the middle of a line. butterfly_icon.png Butterfly Knot Form a secure loop in the middle of a rope.
fig8_icon.png Figure Eight The strongest knot for a loop at the end of a rope. honda_icon.png Honda Knot The lasso knot.
running_bowline_icon.png Running Bowline A slip knot. slippery_eight-icon.jpg Slippery Eight Loop An adjustable loop knot.
yosemite_bowline_icon.jpg Yosemite Bowline A very secure loop knot.

Bends – Favorite: Sheet Bend

backup_icon.png Backup Knot Add security to a primary knot. carrick_icon.png Carrick Bend Join heavy ropes together.
dbl_fish_icon.png Double Fisherman’s Join two ropes. heaving_line_knot_icon.jpg Heaving Line Knot Adds weight to the end of a rope.
sheepshank_icon.png Sheep Shank Use to shorted a rope. sheet_icon.png Sheet Bend Join ropes of unequal size.
square2_icon.png Square Knot Secure non critical items. stopper_knot_icon.jpg Stopper Knot A stopper knot for the end of a rope.
water_icon.png Water Knot Best knot for webbing.

Hitches – Favorite: Slip Knot again.

anchor_icon.png Anchor Bend A good knot for tying an anchor to a rope. blakes_hitch_icon.jpg Blake’s Hitch Arborist ascending/descending knot.
 buntline_icon.png Buntline Hitch Tie items to the end of a rope.  cleat_icon.png Cleat Hitch  Use to tie a rope to a cleat on a boat or dock.
 clove_icon.png Clove Hitch A simple knot to tie a rope to a post.  cow_hitch_icon.jpg Cow Hitch Tie a rope to a post or object.
 constrictor_icon.png Constrictor Knot Tie up bundles of items. girth_hitch_icon.jpg Girth Hitch Attach a strap loop to an object.
 half_icon.png Half Hitch Basic overhand knot. klemheist_knot_icon.jpg Klemheist Knot Climber’s movable loop knot
 mooring_icon.png Mooring Hitch Quick release knot.  munter_icon.png Munter Hitch Climbing belay knot.
 pile_hitch_icon.jpg Pile Hitch Attach a rope to an object.  prusik_icon.png Prusik Knot Secures a movable loop to another line.
 rolling_bend_icon.jpg Rolling Bend Secure a line to a post.  rolling_icon.png Rolling Hitch Secure a line to a post.
slip_Knot_icon.jpg Slip Knot Another knot for a sliding loop.  slipped_buntline_icon.jpg Slipped Buntline A quick release knot.
tautline2_icon.png Tautline Hitch An adjustable knot.  tautline_hitch_to_rope-icon.jpg Tautline to Rope A movable knot on another line or object.
timber_icon.png Timber Hitch Secure a rope around a post.
 truckers_icon.png Trucker’s Hitch Load securing knot.  valdotain_knot_icon.jpg Valdotain Tresse Arborist ascending/descending knot.