Great Big Thanks!

Great Big Thanks to our sponsors, supporters, helpers, musicians, friends and families for their generous donations of money, time and talent to make this year’s Amplify Austin event a HUGE success for the Texas River School.

Thanks to you, The Texas River School received over $9,000 in donations on Friday, March 21, 2014.

Thanks to Amplify Austin – 88 people made online donations. Thank You!

Thanks to Butch Hancock, Bill Oliver and the Otter Space Band and 3 Chord Rodeo for playing our party at the River School Boat Yard. Over 150 people attended and 66 people made generous donations. Thank You!

We ate chicken fajitas, drank beer and wine, it was a magical night under the oaks, beautifully decorated with twinkling lights and table cloths, between the creek and the railroad tracks with trains going by adding to the ambiance.

Special thanks goes out to our Sponsors who provided matching grants and support:  Texas Rowing Center, The Rowing Dock, South Austin Music and Charlie at the Yard. Thank You!

Really big thanks to Doug Roberson, Linda Overton and Bill Oliver for the extra harmony and do re mi! Thank You!

Hats off and super big thanks to the people who worked so hard to pull it all together: Joe Kendall, our Executive Director, Anna Castillo our assistant administrator, Megan Jackson, Barbara K, Phil Walker, Linda Firestone, Terry Hedrick, and and Spider. Thank You!

Thank you one and all! 

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Boat Yard and River Camp Tour

River Yoga on the Colorado


Texas River School Boat Yard and River Camp Tour
for Yoga Studios and Certified Yoga Instructors

Saturday, April 5th, 2014

9:00 am – 11:30 am – Texas River School Boat Yard Tour
2000 South 7th Street, Austin, TX 78704

11:30 am – 2:30 pm – Texas River School River Camp Tour
Bring a picnic lunch and caravan by car from the Texas River School to our River Camp at 9909 Lorado, Austin, TX 78725

Certified Yoga Instructors, Yoga Studios owners and administrators are invited to The Texas River School for a tour of our Boat Yard and River Camp to learn more about our upcoming program “River Yoga on the Colorado”.

The Texas River School offers downriver trips and yoga retreats to Austin’s Yoga Studios and Yoga Instructors for their students and for residents of Austin and Central Texas.

“River Yoga on the Colorado” day trips and yoga retreats sponsor river safety and canoeing education classes for Austin’s underserved youth population. Two people traveling down the Colorado River in a canoe sponsor one student’s enrollment in Texas River School’s “River Sense on Lady Bird Lake” class.

Yoga Instructors: Sign up to let us know you’re interested and receive updates for “River Yoga on the Colorado”.
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For more information, please contact Barbara K, 512-263-9818, or Joe Kendall 512-289-0750,

Butch Hancock – Amplify Austin

Butch Hancock
Texas River School and Amplify Austin present

Butch Hancock

3 Chord Rodeo

Bill Oliver and The Otter Space Band

Date: Friday March 21, 2014
Time: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Texas River School – 2000 South 7th Street – Austin 78704

Free hot food, cold beer and great live music for everybody who makes a donation to the Texas River School on Friday, March 21st.  Amplify Austin’s 24 hour fundraiser supports the Texas River School and you can too.

5:00 pm Bill Oliver & the Otter Space Band
7:00 pm Butch Hancock
9:00 pm 3 Chord Rodeo

Freshly grilled chicken fajitas, cold beer, and Dutch oven peach cobbler. Yum!

Come to the Texas River School on Friday, March 21st.  Bring your appetite, your dancing boots and make a donation to the Texas River School.

At-risk youth and river safety – we bring the best of both worlds together. Texas River School provides canoeing and river safety education for underserved youth in Central Texas.
Amplify Austin and Support the Texas River School!  Join us for fun and fajitas on Friday, March 21st.

3 Chord Rodeo

Bill Oliver

Boys and Girls Club Summer 2013

Boys and Girls Summer 2013 024This summer, Rowing Dock sponsored 8 trips with the Boys & Girls Club of Austin! This was a wonderful opportunity for all of us involved and we are extremely grateful for the new partnerships formed. Since our mission focuses on taking under-served Austin youth on our central Texas waterways, this partnership with Rowing Dock and Boys and Girls provided us a great opportunity to not only take 116 youth on our Lady Bird Lake but also to introduce our new class at the Rowing Dock.

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So, to paddle- kayak or canoe – you gotta have some pretty essential equipment. The following items are must -haves but will also give you an idea of what else you might want to take with you. Keep in mind, of course, that equipment for a day trip might be very different from an overnight trip, but the following list should be on both. Enjoy!

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KNOT Love – a simple guide

Have you ever looked up different types of knots? Wow. Mind boggling. I am going to attempt to narrow down the types of knows that we use for paddling and canoeing, and for loading our gear. I would love to have a knot tying exercise sometime with our campers too. Which do you use?

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