2nd Moonlight Bat Float – TRS focuses on river safety, which was the impetus behind our decision to postpone the May 21st Bat Float. River conditions should be better for our next Moonlight Bat Float on Saturday, June 18th, with special musical guest Adam Johnson. We hope to see you at our next scheduled Bat Float.


Kerrville Folk Festival Friday Floats – Each Friday of the festival we guide a group of festival-goers on the Guadalupe River for an afternoon of paddling, and playing music in the rapids. Our musical host for the first two Fridays is Mr. Habitat himself, Bill Oliver, who always brings fun and laughter to any party. Bill will not be available the third weekend – he has a wedding to attend (not his own) – but we have two special guests that we think you’ll enjoy. Butch Hancock and son Rory will take guitars and paddles in hand to host the last Friday float of the festival. We hope you’ll join us for all three festival floats.