New Office – the “Yard”

We have finally moved into our new office – which we have been anticipating for well over a year now. The office is situated in the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood in an old construction yard. Think warehouses, lumber piles, and unexpectedly a wonderful group of people that are all creative and inspiring local entrepreneurs.

Charlie Morton owns the old construction site – passed down from his father – and has been maintaining a pretty cool list of tenants. From Raymond Hemza, the custom cabinet builder / carpenter, to Lighthouse Solar, Fluid (an irrigation and landscaping company), to welder Suzanne, the Salinas Group (a construction company), and the environmental troubadour Bill Oliver.

These folks are the salt of the earth and display the true spirit of Austin. So it’s wonderful to come to the “Yard,” as we call it, load some canoes, write some grants, and have some lunch under beautiful live oak trees… in the middle of the city. Wow!